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2014-10-21 Added Changelog section.
2014-10-25 Added "hide title" and "shorten url" features for visit section.
2014-10-30 Added login form shortcut to header.
2014-11-13 Added user time zone support.
2014-11-25 Added change user password feature.
2014-12-01 Added recover user password section.
2015-01-03 Added change language feature for dashboard users.
2015-01-03 Added install code for asynchronous web apps.
2015-01-07 Added "group by browser" and "group by operating system" checkboxes.
2015-01-23 Added responsive design for dasboard views.
2015-02-05 Added project notification system
2015-03-22 Opened user register system.
2015-06-03 Added Lua Issue Tracker public project.